How To Keep A Mattress Clean

Mattresses are a haven for dust, dirt and dead skin cells, but the process of cleaning them can seem a little mysterious. If you're wondering how to keep your new mattress in great condition—and improve your sleep as a result—read on. Add mattress care to your normal cleaning routine. By and large, mattresses don't need a whole lot of looking after. You should turn your mattress about once every three months, and it's a good idea to turn it longways in addition to flipping it over.

Tips on How You Can Eliminate Body Odors from Your Outdoor Leather Couch

Just like any other furniture, outdoor furniture is also susceptible to body odor. What happens is that after sitting on your couch for a while, the sweat from your body absorbs into the leather and a smell starts to develop slowly. Body odor and sweat smells are never easy to remove permanently, but with the help of the following few tips, you can take care of the problem. Using Vinegar And Baking Soda