Two tips for couples who need to buy new bedroom furniture

If you and your partner need to buy some new bedroom furniture, here are two tips that should help to ensure that you end up buying pieces that are perfect your needs.

Base your choice of bed on both you and your partner's sleeping style

If you want to make sure that you and your partner can sleep comfortably in your bedroom, it's absolutely essential to take your sleeping styles into consideration when choosing a bed.

For example, if you sleep on your back and don't move around very much throughout the night, you might feel that a double bed might be perfectly adequate.

However, if your partner has a tendency to toss and turn whilst they sleep, or can only get a good night's rest if their limbs are splayed out by their sides, then a double bed will not be appropriate. If you select this size bed, your partner may end up feeling cramped and restricted, and you may find yourself being pushed out of the bed when they attempt to splay out their arms and legs in the middle of the night.

In these circumstances, it would be far better to opt for a queen size mattress and bed frame. This will provide both you and your partner with the space you need to sleep soundly, without being woken up or irritated by your other half's sleeping habits.

Whilst a queen size mattress and bed will be a bit more expensive than a double sized one, it's important to look at this expense as an investment. Being able to sleep comfortably each night plays a crucial role in a person's health and general wellbeing; as such, it's worth buying furniture that will help you and your loved one to sleep well.

Look for furniture with plenty of storage space

Even if your bedroom is relatively spacious, it may start to look and feel very cluttered after you have put both you and your partner's clothing, footwear and other belongings into it, particularly if the furniture you have chosen does not provide a great deal of storage space.

As such, it's vital to look for pieces of furniture that will provide you with the storage space you both need. You may, for example, want to invest in a long horizontal storage unit, that can be hung directly over your bed. This will enable you to stow away foldable items of clothing, without using up any floor space.

Additionally, you may want to buy a wardrobe that has a built-in shoe rack so that you don't have to keep a separate rack elsewhere in the bedroom.