How To Keep A Mattress Clean

Mattresses are a haven for dust, dirt and dead skin cells, but the process of cleaning them can seem a little mysterious. If you're wondering how to keep your new mattress in great condition—and improve your sleep as a result—read on.

Add mattress care to your normal cleaning routine.

By and large, mattresses don't need a whole lot of looking after. You should turn your mattress about once every three months, and it's a good idea to turn it longways in addition to flipping it over. Every time you do this, be sure to vacuum both sides of your mattress thoroughly and leave it to air for a while before putting on clean bed linens. Keeping your bed linens clean is also an important component of mattress care; ideally you should launder them every week, though once a fortnight is nearly as good and far more realistic for most people!

Deal with stains and odours as soon as you notice them.

Most mattresses will be stained at some point, and thankfully there are plenty of ways to deal with staining--especially if you catch it quickly! A good catch-all for unidentified stains is to use an upholstery cleaner; follow the instructions carefully and almost everything will come straight off. Cold salted water is perfect for removing blood, and a fresh bloodstain can be lifted all the more easily if you cover it in baking soda for an hour or two first. The brown saliva stains frequently found on the mattresses of people who prefer to sleep without pillows can be removed using a solution of vinegar and warm water; if it doesn't seem to be working, scrub vigorously with a dish sponge for a few minutes to see if that helps before moving on to a harsher cleaning agent.

Have your mattress professionally deep-cleaned occasionally.

A great mattress can last for a long time. For example while mattresses, such as Sealy mattresses, might be guaranteed for five years, they could be of a high enough quality to last for eight to ten years. Domestic cleaning will deal with most things that are likely to come up during that time, but it's still a good idea to go deeper every now and then. Once every two or three years, book an appointment with a mattress cleaning company--they'll come and deep clean your mattress where it sits, and once it's dry (usually around eight hours later) you'll really feel the difference.